Information about nonprofits and pantries + farms and festivals + markets and farm-to-door delivery in East Central Indiana. Neighbors who garden and compost also offer advice for budding green-thumbers.

Pantries and nonprofits

Muncie and Delaware County support a robust network of nonprofits and pantries dedicated to ensuring all residents have access to produce and goods grown in their backyard. Learn more about the options available to those in need, including Ball State’s Cardinal Kitchen Food Pantry to support hungry students. [Get support + Get involved]

Pantries offer canned and boxed goods, but many pantries offer heaps of produce from local producers and grocery stores.

Markets and Food Hub

Small farms dot the plains of East Central Indiana, and many of these family-owned operations offer goods and produce for sale—at the farm, at weekly markets or through farm-to-door delivery services. The community is also starting a food hub partnership to increase access and connections among producers and consumers. [To market, to market]

Meet Kyleigh Snavely, a Ball State dietetics student who started a shuttle to Minnetrista’s weekly farmers’ market. [Read her story]

Farms and festivals

You can’t drive more than a few miles in our neck of the woods without seeing a stalk of corn or cows grazing in the fields. Check out our list of area farmers and festivals that invite you to celebrate rural living and get a bit closer to the food on your plate. [Get out on the farm]

Pam and Mark Kirklin own Kirkland Farm off of Bethel Avenue. [Read their story]

Personal and community gardens

Gardening—whether in your backyard or at a community operation—reaps more than tasty, fresh produce. All that planting and picking is good for your mood and overall health, according to a 2017 study in Preventive Medicine Reports. Findings suggest that those who garden see reductions in depression, anxiety and anger, as well as increases in happiness.

We found a few local gardeners who couldn’t agree more, and were eager to offer advice and encouragement [Go]. The Master Gardeners of Delaware County is a lively bunch, and neighbors are harvesting hope through an Urban Gardening Initiative, supported by Muncie-Delaware Clean and Beautiful. [Learn more]

The Master Gardeners of Delaware County are sharing stories during an end-of-season gathering. They invited us to connect with them. [Read the story]


Compost is one of nature’s best mulches and soil amendments to feed your flowers and gardens. Best of all, compost is cheap, but it can be messy and time-consuming. Learn more about it and decide whether it’s for you, but if yon’t want to mess with it? The Muncie Sanitary District offers low-cost mulch. [Learn more]

While many composting operations are outside, Dan Wright of Muncie demonstrates the vermiculture operation burrowing in his basement. Vermiculture uses worms to decompose organic food waste, turning the waste into a nutrient-rich material.